Livi v Alloa



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Re: Livi v Alloa

Post by Durnford on Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:45 am

Overall pretty appalling however I thought Hippolyte had a relatively good game for the ten minutes he was on Sekajja got chopped down so often but was on too late for Alloa to start earning deserved red cards.

Alloa came with a game plan and that was to crowd everyone behind the ball until the last ten minutes and we didn't have the tactics to beat that. Why did we keep playing header tennis; their defence was at least a foot taller than Mullen and Sekajja. I know there was some frost & snow around but it didn't appear to particularly affect the ball.

Why play Keaghan when he had an injured foot in the first place; surely we had options on the bench so why not give them a chance?

Repeatedly we've seemed to struggle after a big win; with White and Mullen having scored a brace in the previous game, the management seem loathed to think about taking either of them off even though Mullen had no luck all game and had been kicked from pillar to post.

Thought the defence looked reasonably solid but then they weren't really tested. Talbot seemed to have a better game but why do they keep punting the ball up field rather than trying to find a man (with the right coloured shirt on)?

Well we can be pretty certain on who the bottom three are going to be; we really needed this win as I'm not expecting anything from the next two games. If we end up with another points deduction then we're certainly down.

On the plus side that's the first clean sheet we've had since 21st October - against Falkirk I believe.


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Re: Livi v Alloa

Post by spiggle on Wed Feb 04, 2015 9:15 am

A couple of good saves in the 1st half from McDowall cost us the game I think.

A definite advert for summer football, no-one can tell me that if we had played that game on a Tuesday night in June that we wouldn't have gotten more than the 700 that bravest the conditions last night.

As for the team, Mullen worked hard and was unlucky. Shite still can't shoot but he did put in a couple of decent crosses and was unlucky that a tug on him when he was through on goal wasn't spotted by the ref. The tug was the difference for him going through direct at goal and going wide at an angle at the keeper.

Seki looked decent coming off the bench and drew a couple of bookings, if he'd started the match, they would have had a player sent off.

The defence was lucky and if their wee guy up front had his shooting boots on, then we would have lost the game.

Kyle looked off his game, the Keaghan sub was puzzling as he was just starting to flow into his game whilst big White was still doing his impression of a lifeless dummy.

I like it when Talbot or Dycey bomb forward as both can put in a decent cross and if we'd exploited that more, we could have done better.

Not the best of games but at least we didn't lose and the positive thing is that Alloa were rotten and if they can't score against our defence, what chance do they have against the rest of the league
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Re: Livi v Alloa

Post by Lexi Collector on Wed Feb 04, 2015 5:35 pm

Btw, if you're one of the people who applauded the team off last night, then you're the definition of a 'happy clapper'. They should be getting roundly booed off every home game. Maybe that'll wake them up and shift their arse into gear. Last night was an absolute disgrace.


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Re: Livi v Alloa

Post by djs9750 on Wed Feb 04, 2015 6:31 pm

The performances are certainly making me think about whether I really want to renew my season ticket after many years of automatic renewal.

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Re: Livi v Alloa

Post by Liviforever on Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:38 pm

I've seen a lot worse, Alloa knocked us out a cup when we were in the SPL and we were worse than this, we hit the post and had a few shots from inside the box I thought were going in, just frustrating that we didn't score. However we've lost games like that this season so not as bad as it could've been, we're only 3 points off both them and Cowden now, still a lot can happen before the season ends. Just hope our away form keeps getting us points though or we're knackered.
Both games left to play Cowden and Alloa aree away from home too so that may be good, considering both our recent wins have been 5-1 away from home. Also Alloa are even worse than us in the final third, any shot on target was from 30 yards away. Cowden look even poorer than both of us.

Hopefully our new signing will make an impact before long, ok yeah I'm trying to stay positive.Laughing

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Re: Livi v Alloa

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