Top 5 moments of the season

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Top 5 moments of the season

Post by Lexi Collector on Thu May 07, 2015 2:20 am

5. Raith 0-4 Livi - this is the game where I genuinely believed we weren't going down. At 1-0 there was still a chance we'd leave without the 3 points, but when Sives made it 2-0 and with Alloa losing, I knew we weren't going down, whether it be 8th or 9th, we weren't finishing 10th.

4.Challenege Cup final. Lovely sunny day, numerous beverages in a beer garden and a bit of silverware is always nice, regardless of whether its a mickey mouse cup or not. Still wasn't massively confident at FT that we'd be good enough to stay up, but at the after party thing, after listening to Talbot and especially Burchill, I had a good feeling there was a lot of fight still in the side. I walked home pished, but very happy that night. Great day, one of my best following Livi in my 16 or so years and one I'll never forget. Absolutely magic.

3. Full-time at Livingston 1-0 Falkirk. Our first home league win since September, and on the back of the Challenge Cup final we knew there was a confidence growing in the team and the Great Escape was well and truly on. I'm in section B3, which seems to be full of mice but when we had a throw-in deep into stoppage time and Gallagher was doing his running down the clock routine, everyone knew we had the 3 points and joined in with a 'stand up for the Livingston'. Good atmosphere at Almondvale that night, happiest I'd left the place in years.

2. Full-time on Saturday. Just pure relief, my mates and I went absolutely mental, pretty sure I got a kiss off one of them on the side of the face and the bloke behind me was like 'WTF'. I didn't enjoy the game, but I was relieved not to go through the play-offs. It would've been disastrous had we gone down, and this was the moment that confirmed the great escape.

1. Big Shags' winner at Cowden. Great away support, great atmosphere. Was a poor game and at 1-0 I was thinking 'we're down', but after clawing level the team just surged, Shags White in particular and the place went mental when he put us in-front. It was at that moment you're thinking 3 wins in a row, playing some decent stuff, we're well up for this and we're gonna be tough to stop. The buzz was absolutely fantastic. Probably my favourite Livi moment ever, as I was still a kid at the LC final.


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Re: Top 5 moments of the season

Post by Durnford on Thu May 07, 2015 10:58 am

Mine would be pretty similar with the exception of the win at Cowdenbeath which I didn't make (and the snog from your mate)

Instead I'd probably include the 4 - nil win against Alloa with White's hat-trick. At that stage things had been pretty good and fourth place looked a possibility. Okay; it was pretty awful after but good at the time.

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Re: Top 5 moments of the season

Post by Afro on Thu May 07, 2015 11:13 am

Same five as Lexi for me. The end to the season has been the best we've had atmosphere wise in a long time, Cowdenbeath away was a pretty spectacular day all around.

The 4-1 win over Hearts would maybe sneak in at number five for me, but that feels like an eon ago so it misses out.

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Re: Top 5 moments of the season

Post by LiviCub on Thu May 07, 2015 12:34 pm

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the Falkirk and Cowdenbeath wins, so here are my five personal moments:

1. 4-1 vs. Jambos: Yes they had their reserves/U-15's on the park but it was still brilliant to see them all leave as soon as Hippo smashed it in for 3-0. It was also on our pathway to winning the cup so it makes it all the more memorable.

2. 5-1 vs. Dumbarton: Usually our bogey team, it was a great team performance to get the win especially since it was Burchill's first. Although we never really picked up from then until April, it was still a good game and I like to think it showed what Burchill was trying to bring in from McGlynn's failings.

3. 1-1 vs. Rangers (away): Worth the journey even if there was only about 60 of us. We should've won the game and the likes of Cole, Pittman and Kyle were outstanding that day. It was great seeing all the players at the end appreciating the small number of supporters.

4. Cup final: Just, 'cos.

5. Kyle's penalty: The boy absolutely smashed it and that's when my opinion changed from "we're still going down" to "nah, we're staying up". 'lav it.

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Re: Top 5 moments of the season

Post by Liviforever on Thu May 07, 2015 3:04 pm

The same 5 games as Lexi.

Hadn't been to either Central dump or Stark's park before but thought must win game so I'm going to cheer the team on. Went to Alloa too for the 2-2 draw thinking the same thing and was gutted when we didn't win it, so the Cowden and Raith games were a buzzingly good feeling coming away with wins.

The cup final was just a perfect day, great weather, friendly atmosphere in and around the ground, big Marv wandering about posing for pics with our fans, and then the match.
Was just a joy watching us cruise to a 4-0 win, most relaxed I've ever been at a cup final (ok we've only had 2) just a fantastic day.
I had my reservations about even going to this as I was feeling pee'd off with our season but I'm glad my mate cajoled me into going. It is now up there as a great memory from being a Livi fan.
The Falkirk game was a really good performance to go ahead and then we time wasted for our lives and got a well deserved win. Even though we blatantly wasted time we were still head a shoulders above Falkirk in that game and had we pushed for more goals we would prob have put another one or two past them, but we have been caught out so many times with a sucker punch you can see why we didn't take any chances. It was the start of our toughening up to see out games in the run in. I think after this game I started to believe we had a chance of staying up.

The Cowden game was something else, fans were right up for it singing and upbeat even in the warm ups. The players came out and dominated the midfield but no joy in a tough first half, weather was cold and very wet but it wasn't going to dampen our spirits.
2nd half was just unbelievable, going a goal down the Livi fans were singing louder than the Cowden ones and our players responded in kind by putting together a few passes getting up the pitch and sticking it in the pokey.
The players didn't celebrate the goal too much as they were in a hurry to get another one and from then on there was only going to be a Livi win.
Our players were all over them pushing for the winner. Mullen put it just past the post in an agonising moment for players and fans thinking we were going to score, then up steps White to get his 2nd and our winner. His defiant goal celebration going to the fans and giving it the COME ON!!!!!! was fantastic too.
Thing that really stuck out was how we saw out the game by holding the ball up over by the corner flag, we got about 5 throw ins in a row just keeping the ball over there, don't think Cowden managed to get an attack going in our half as we kept the ball in theirs for almost the remainder of the game after we went 2-1 up. So many times over the last few years we've not been able to do that and lost a goal to throw away the points.

Sevco, Hibs games out the way and back to business, Raith away must win game and boy did we win it.
Was another great day, sun was roasting as the players came out, I was feeling nervy but our players def weren't, they dominated the game from start to finish.
After a relatively early goal by Dycey my nerves settled and it was fairly comfortable for us, though I really wanted a 2nd goal to make sure of things.
2nd half and I hadn't even finished my greasy pie when Sives got our 2nd, as I stood up the grease ran down my scarf for a little memento of our Raith pumping and getting off the foot of the table.
3rd and 4th goals secured an easy win and onto the last day for our great escape. Oh and the news that Hearts scored a winner against Cowden finished off a perfect day for me.

The QoS game and our league survival. Wasn't a great game by any means and was as nervy for our players as it was for the fans by the look of how they played, but we got through it and when Mullen went down and the ref pointed to the spot I was up on my feet cheering. Kyle stepped up and got the ball, big White was giving him the pleading eye wanting to take it but Kyle wasn't even taking any notice, he was totally focussed on the job in hand and slammed it into the top of the net. Nobody was saving that shot, superb penalty!!!
Again we saw out the game in a very professional manner and there wasn't any nervy moments from Queens getting near our goals.
Was a mixture of relief and joy when the ref blew his whistle, I still couldn't quite believe we'd got 8th place the next again day, think I was in shock.

I think that turned into 5 games rather than 5 moments there. Very Happy
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Re: Top 5 moments of the season

Post by Bertie Bassett on Thu May 07, 2015 7:50 pm

Didn't get to any away games unfortunately (except the final); usually make a few but just didn't have the spare cash this time...and the lengthy run of poor results kind of sealed the deal. So my top 5 would have to be:

5. Beating Hearts reserves 4-1, particularly Hippos goal & the pass he made for the assist on the 4th.
4. Hippo's goal against the Huns to put us ahead.
3. Beating Falkirk 2-1 after the Cup Final.
2. Whipping Alloa in the cup final.
1. Kyle's Penalty & the full time whistle against QoS. I said I didn't get to any away games but I wasn't at home when we beat Cowdenbeath to make it 3 wins on the bounce so I wasn't watching "Soccer Saturday"....checked the score on my app to see it was 0-0 at half time....checked it again to see we had gone behind & then didn't check it again until ten past 5......seeing the final score was a 2-1 win was almost as sweet as all 5 of the above & while I continued to predict relegation, it was that win that gave me hope we could do the impossible & stay up; I began to work out how we could do it assuming we got nothing from the games against the Huns & the Hubs & the only way it would have been better was to have beaten them both.

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Re: Top 5 moments of the season

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