St Mirren v Livi (Grudge Match)


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Re: St Mirren v Livi (Grudge Match)

Post by LiviCub on Sat Aug 29, 2015 9:36 pm

Glad to finally get away from the zero point mark but disappointed that we never came away with three points. I thought we were the more dominant team for most parts of the game and if we pushed men further forward and pressed against their defence, we might've came out with a win. Their defence are guff as fuck and I'm more than confident that we'll get six points against them, Murray's record at Almondavle is the only thing that's putting me off.

Back to the game itself, it was easy to see that once you put out a settled side albeit Millen and Mullen were missing, we look more comfortable as a team and can accommodate the abilities of each other: Gibbons and Cole holding allows the midfield and Buchanan to push further forward. Hippolyte had the RB in his back pocket and ripped the complete arse out of Goodwin, hope that boy gets a Ben Thatcher-esque suspension for the amount of thuggery he gets away for.

Feeling more confident ahead of the Morton game. If we don't win that then I'll actually do a Killie-style rant.


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Re: St Mirren v Livi (Grudge Match)

Post by Durnford on Sat Aug 29, 2015 9:38 pm

Bertie Bassett wrote:Make an official complaint D.

Intend to.

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Re: St Mirren v Livi (Grudge Match)

Post by Liviforever on Sat Aug 29, 2015 10:03 pm

I think the fact we were sitting on zero points affected Burchill's final substitution, he played it safe at the end and didn't take a risk of losing the game rather than going for all 3 points. Taking Buchanan off for White instead of going 3 at the back and taking off Longridge.

Prob missed Mullen too as although he is a bit lightweight at times he's also a goal threat and can rattle them in from long range and close up. We didn't really have that type of player left to come on and cause them problems up front. Every attacking midfielder was already played from the start so couldn't take advantage of tired legs late on in the game.

D, Cole was the much needed enforcer in midfield, without him we'd have been over run in the first half, he got waded in and rarely lost out in a challenge.

Agree with Lexi on how St Mirren played suiting us, will be more of a test against a team putting pressure on us in our own half. Still think it will give us the confidence to build on our performance against them, now we've a point the belief to get a win should be there, esp as the players must feel they were deserving of all 3 in this game and were the better team.

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Re: St Mirren v Livi (Grudge Match)

Post by EdinburghLivi on Sun Aug 30, 2015 6:01 pm

Myself, the collector and the cub make a celebrity appearance in the bottom picture. Great day out that I didn't begrudge spending £20 on.

By far the best performance I've seen from us this season and I agree with Hippolyte that there should be more to come from them. When Millen comes back in and we have a person with a decent delivery, I think we'll do a lot better as that was the one area where we struggled yesterday, a fair bit of pressure but some terrible crosses/corners/free kicks.

Agreed that Cole did a lot better after giving away the first goal (that said, I've no idea where Longridge was, leaving Sives (so much cigar smoking yesterday from the big man) in a race with McMullan which he very nearly recovered from). If we get that three in midfield playing often we'll be a lot more competitive in there, I think (Faria a good option off the bench). The other area we struggled was on the right-wing. Yet to see anything from Georgiev despite good reports in the games I haven't been at. Mullen is clearly a better option but I'd like to see Duckrell get a shot in there for the next game as we would have some pace down both wings. Buchanan was excellent and even did an solid job holding up despite the monsters they had at the back.

We might have got a win yesterday but it was so important that we got off the mark. Obviously we need to be aiming for a win next week and I think there's actually a decent possibility of it on that showing.

Disappointing hearing about the racism against Hippolyte but hardly surprised given how many of their fans were seething mutants.

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Re: St Mirren v Livi (Grudge Match)

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