Livi v Hibs (Sat 13th Feb)

Bertie Bassett

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Re: Livi v Hibs (Sat 13th Feb)

Post by Bertie Bassett on Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:46 pm

Achilles wrote:
Bertie Bassett wrote:I tend to agree EL; the DBM can create a good atmosphere and when they do the players are visibly lifted but they are also guilty of turning on the team at the first opportunity if something tried doesn't work happened briefly yesterday and when that happens it has the opposite effect.  The DBM are also often like the team in that they reserve their best efforts for the big games. If they encouraged as much against the likes of Alloa as they do against Hibs and Rangers then I think we would see better efforts out on the pitch but what usually happens is they berate them for every failed pass and so the standard of play drops. I mentioned this on another thread (possibly over in the Den) that the crowd can lift the players but the players can also lift the crowd and there is a fine line about what comes first. IMO if the players start 'flat' then the crowd ought to encourage them out of it but too often the DBM berate them when this happens & the performance drops off even more. It's not always like that but it does happen, so I would encourage the DBM and other sections that are vocal to be supportive and constructive even in adversity.

The DBM disbanded last year, hence the silence at the games now.

Its not all silence though; whatever they call themselves their ever diminishing number made decent noise on Saturday...for the most part anyway...there were one or two idiotic comments when things weren't working for us for a bit.


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Re: Livi v Hibs (Sat 13th Feb)

Post by AMF on Mon Feb 15, 2016 8:36 pm

"whatever they call themselves "? Simple, "Livingston supporters" just like everyone else. No names, no banners, no flags, no drum.

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