Raith v Livi


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Re: Raith v Livi

Post by Liviforever on Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:36 pm

EdinburghLivi wrote:I can't say for certain as I haven't been for a while but it seems to me that Hopkin is continuing with Burchill's philosophy of filling round holes with square pegs. It's actually worse though as he has identified the areas where we are weak and brought in players accordingly but is still playing players in positions where they aren't comfortable. That's criminal.

Longridge should be the only one in the team playing left-back since he is comfortably the best playing there. Kakay is apparently a right-back first and foremost, so why not try him there? If he doesn't want to drop Halkett, how about playing him at his apparent natural position of centre-half? The current two certainly aren't playing well enough to be immune from dropping.

The mind boggles that a professional coach won't try the simple things first when we are struggling for points.

Yeah Kakay is a RB isn't he, has been played at LB & LM so got confused with his actual position, read he can play LB but would rather have Longridge there and Kakay LM again as it worked against HIbs. Longridge may have been injured against Raith, think that's why he came off against Hibs and Kakay dropped back into defence, hopefully he'll make the Alloa game.

Cole wasn't fit against Dumbarton and was shockingly bad, Hopkin subbed him at HT and admitted he made a mistake bringing him back too early. The week off before Hibs gave him time to get fitter and he actually played well against Hibs. Was too casual against Raith though, even after that mistake for their first goal he did a back heel to McCallum when he was under pressure and was lucky McCallum was alert to it or could've been another massive cock up leading to a needless goal. Doubt he'd play like that against Hibs or Sevco so needs to cut out the smart arse cocky stuff and keep it simple.

I was wanting Halkett in at CB, his actual position but he's been ok at RB, however if Cole can't show consistency in at CB then get him to feck and get Halkett in there and Kakay at RB.

Reading Alloa are poor against players going down the wing so we need to use our two wingbacks and get them bombing down the wings and getting balls across from the bye line. Play through the centre against their compact defence and games a bogey, we'll play all day and not score.
Bertie Bassett

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Re: Raith v Livi

Post by Bertie Bassett on Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:51 pm

That will be why they narrowed their pitch.... As far as I am concerned they need to get fired up and fired in to what is a very poor Alloa side. But they won't, they will be laborious and will be lucky to get a point .

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