QP v Livi


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Post by Liviforever on Mon Aug 29, 2016 7:07 pm

We had more chances to score from clear shots at goal than I remembered, bit more composure to keep the ball down and get it on target was needed though.

Can't see if Mullin was onside from this footage but Hoppy said there were 5 QP players in front of him when he made his run. Their goal looks good too though, ball looked in play when it was played back into the box for the knock in.

Should've been a draw but we didn't really do enough to make sure we got something from the game.
Bertie Bassett

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Re: QP v Livi

Post by Bertie Bassett on Mon Aug 29, 2016 8:58 pm

Based on Mullin's position when he connects with the header and the fact he has clearly made a run to get there, surely he was behind the ball when the cross was played in? (another excellent cross from Crighton btw)... And does that look like a foul or two on Mullin in the box?

Highlights suggest we were in the game and created a few openings but failed to hit the target except for the disallowed goal.

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Re: QP v Livi

Post by orco on Tue Aug 30, 2016 12:40 am

You can't tell from the footage if he was onside. I think he ran on to it but I reckon the linesman reacted to the solitary Queens Park player who raised his hand more in expectation than hope.

In the first half too I remember one instance (not shown) where Mullen beat the last defender who promptly fell on his erk and play was brought back for a free kick to Queens. There was a lot of falling over by Queens players and many strange decisions most of which were not in our favour.

Queens managed to get the points but I'd hate to watch their style of football every week. It's anti-football.

Sour grapes on my part maybe. Razz Very Happy

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Re: QP v Livi

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