Third tier team of the year

Bertie Bassett

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Third tier team of the year

Post by Bertie Bassett on Sat May 06, 2017 11:23 am

I see that Byrne, Pittman, Mullen & Buchanan all got into the divisional team of the year. Well done to all four.

Can't believe Halkett didn't get in though.

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Re: Third tier team of the year

Post by Liviforever on Sat May 06, 2017 11:55 am

Yeah Halkett being excluded is a bit odd, he's been the best defender in the league, esp since moving to CB.

Bit of a joke having 3 Alloa players in defence, GK and 2 defenders, when we've got the best defence in the league and have conceded 9 goals less than them. Can't say I've been that impressed with their defence, we've stuck 10 goals past them in 4 games.

Since Gallagher joined us and Halkett moved to CB we've only conceded 10 goals in16 league games, including 9 clean sheets, and i'd say you could take out the 2 goals in our 3-2 win over Peterhead with it being the first game our defenders played in their new positions with Gallagher also having to get to know his team mates in defence.
In that same period Alloa conceded 14 goals but yeah, they deserve 3 players in defence and we rightly get none. 

I had Halkett, Gallagher, Byrne, Pittman, Mullen & Buchanan as my choice from Livi players, and Hurst EF or Muir QP in goals, McGeever QP defender, Kirkpatrick Alloa Midfielder and Ryan Airdrie striker.

So I got 7 from their selection, don't agree with their choice of keeper or not having at least Halkett in defence, but could live with the rest of their selection.

League 1 Team of the Year

Neil Parry                    (Alloa Athletic)
Ryan McGeever          (Queen’s Park)
Andy Graham              (Alloa Athletic)
Jonathan Page             (East Fife)
Calum Waters             (Alloa Athletic)
Scott Pittman              (Livingston)
Shaun Byrne                (Livingston)
Jordan Kirkpatrick       (Alloa Athletic)
Andy Ryan                   (Airdrieonians)
Liam Buchanan           (Livingston)
Danny Mullen             (Livingston)

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