Livi v St Mirren


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Re: Livi v St Mirren

Post by Liviforever on Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:27 am

Bertie Bassett wrote:Only if the top half teams lose.

Based on our League Cup form I fancied us for a comfy 5th or 6th but based on our league results...7th would be a superb achievement

As I said in the Morton match thread, what happens in the first 6 games counts for nothing when there are still another 30 games to go, a lot can happen over a season. Some teams start great and fall away, others start badly and then find their form, and the likes of St Mirren struggled all season and then hit the best form in the league to avoid relegation. I still think we will challenge for 4th place and finish somewhere between that and 6th.
Bertie Bassett

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Re: Livi v St Mirren

Post by Bertie Bassett on Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:37 am

If they count for nothing we should discount the points gained - we need to start winning league games or it's another season of struggle. We have seen it often enough, good performances but losing out due to 10 minutes of mediocrity or drawing games we should have won, confidence levels dropping, failing to win becoming habitual, suddenly you are in a dogfight at the wrong end of the table.

I'm not saying that is how it is going to be, I'm saying that is what could be ahead if it isn't sorted out.

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