Livi vs Dumbarton


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Re: Livi vs Dumbarton

Post by cptn_hooch on Tue Jan 30, 2018 12:09 pm

Liviforever wrote:
orco wrote:Dunfermline fans are talking about our postponed game with them going ahead on Saturday 10th of February since we are both out of the cup. Sounds sensible.

Hopefully this goes ahead, would mean another tough game in Feb but at least it wouldn't be a midweek game. We also could do with a run of games every weekend and not have another break between Saturdays, we've had too many stop starts that hasn't helped with our home results the last 2 months.'d be good to get this game on that weekend and hopefully carry some momentum into it. It's no coincidence that our dip in form was during the period we were missing games. For the most part, this team seems to thrive in periods of difficult games...might be the best team spirit I've seen from a Livi squad in a long time

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