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Championship Price Survey

Post by Liviforever on Wed Oct 15, 2014 11:17 pm

The average price of the cheapest season ticket in the Scottish Championship has risen by 12% this season, according to the BBC's Price of Football survey.

The average cost of the least expensive match-day ticket has risen, too, by 8%.

Alloa, Cowdenbeath, Livingston and Dumbarton all lifted their cheapest price, with the relegation of Hearts and Hibs also raising the average.

Rangers have been omitted because they did not provide data to the BBC

Hibs and Hearts will have bumped it up a fair bit, Sevco too but they aren't handing out any info for the survey..

This bit is sneaky by Hearts:
Although the average have increased, Hearts have actually dropped the price of their cheapest season ticket from £280 to £260, and their lowest priced match-day ticket from £18 to £17.

as they don't actually sell those cheaper tickets unless the upper tier dearer £23 tickets are all sold and no Championship team outside Hibs and Sevco are going to bring enough fans to do that. Their ST price has been dropped from Premiership prices ut is still way higher than ours, so making out they're great for dropping it is nonsense.

So Hearts are one of the teams responsible for the average price going up but are being made out as a team that has reduced both ST and gate prices, robbing bassas charge away fans £23 to get into their ground, and are the dearest away game in the Championship.

Also got to love this bit:
Every Championship club - other than Hearts, Hibs and Rangers - have increased at least one of their prices for tickets in the categories of cheapest match-day, most expensive match-day and both categories of season tickets.

And yet all 3 charge more to get in than any other Championship club; £23, £22 & £21 compared to most Championship teams charging £18.

No mention of Livi being the cheapest ST in the Championship, though our serveries are a disgrace and will bump up the total for a ticket, pie (don't know what they charge for tea) and programme to  £22.70.

Even with the rip off serveries price charging £2.20 for a scotch pie we're cheaper than Hearts gate price.

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